Web-scale Management Services

From the Bucknell Bubble to the Cloud

The virtual cloud is nothing new. Talk of it has circulated for years but up until recently, the technology wasn’t there to make it a viable solution. Now, it has become the future for many industries, even those that didn’t previously consider themselves a technology-based enterprise. Bertrand Library isn’t willing to fall behind when it comes to providing faculty, staff, and students with the proper resources to fulfill their academic pursuits. It is for this reason Bertrand library made the decision to switch over to OCLC’s Web-scale Management Services.

There has been a paradigm shift within university libraries. It is no longer about which library has the largest collection of materials but about which library can provide their community with the best means to access the materials they need, regardless of location. While building upon Bucknell’s locally held collection remains a priority, it’s not possible, practical, or responsible to try to own every print and electronic resource.

Setting the Standard:

Partnered with OCLC, a not for profit computer service and research organization, Bertrand Library is now part of the first Web-scale, cooperative library management service. Bucknell University is an early implementer of Web-scale Management Services, a cloud based solution. The ‘cloud’ means that all electronic information that was previously housed and maintained locally is now done by an outside source, reducing costs while increasing efficiency.

Because Bucknell is an early implementer, there’s an opportunity to play a pivotal role in how the program develops and the services that become available for member institutions and libraries. As more and more institutions adopt this new approach to information and resource sharing, the more Bertrand Library and Bucknell community members will benefit.

 The Cloud’s the New Limit:

  • Allows staff members to spend less time dealing with routine tasks and more time tackling core mission activities.
  • Fosters networking, collaboration, and cooperation between other libraries and institutions.
  • Allows for a larger resource collection than what can be physically held or purchased by Bertrand Library

Benefits of Using WorldCat:

  • WorldCat has over 200 million records and 1.6 billion holdings. In comparison, Bertrand Library currently holds 815,000 volumes within its walls.
  • Connected to over 100,000 libraries, which means Bucknell can seamlessly find materials locally and in other libraries worldwide.
  • Streamlines research, allowing faculty, staff, and students to search numerous databases at once rather than having them determine which database would best suit them.
  • New and improved “Get it” button, which provides an easier way to request materials from libraries around the globe.

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