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Tech Tips: Oct. 8-11

Tech Tip: Browser Updates for Security
What version is your web browser?  Out of date web browsers can put your entire computer at risk!  Update to Chrome 22, Firefox 16, and Safari 6 for the most secure, stable, and functional browsing.  On your personally owned computer, update to Internet Explorer 9, but leave your Bucknell owned computer on version 8, which is required for some university web sites.  Not sure how to update your browsers?  Start by upgrading Mozilla Firefox to the current version today!

Tech Tip: Smartphone Security
Do you have a Cyber Security plan for the computer you use most often?  You may spend a significant amount of time using the little computer in your pocket – the one that goes everywhere you go and contains every important detail of your life.  Security is important, so have a plan if you lose or replace your Android or iOS mobile device.

Losing Your Mobile Device
Safely Disposing of Your Mobile Device
Securing Your Mobile Device Apps

Tech Tip: Phishing Alerts in Bmail
Do fish have a warning sytem, alerting them that the tempting worm hides a dangerous hook? The fish are on their own, but Bmail has a great system to signal that an intriguing email message is too good to be true.  Learn more about Bmail’s phishing protection, so you don’t take the bait!

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