Tech Tips: October 15-19

Tech Tip: Hacked: Now What?
If you suspect your Bucknell account or Bucknell owned computer is hacked, you know exactly what to do – call the Tech Desk!  But what if your personal account seems off?  Or your personal computer is behaving strangely?  Take a look at these tips for help figuring out what’s wrong and what to do next.

Tech Tip: Forefront & Secunia
How does Library & IT keep all Bucknell owned Windows computers safe and secure?  Here are two applications that help: Secunia and Microsoft Forefront.  Microsoft Forefront is the antivirus software installed on all Windows desktop and laptop computers.  Forefront updates multiple times each day to get the most current virus definitions, then uses those definitions during weekly full scans and daily quick scans.  Meanwhile, Secunia scans and updates the software on your computer, ensuring that all the patches and fixes are installed on your programs.  While Secunia runs silently in the background, Microsoft Forefront is visible in the system tray near the clock – look for the little green shield!

Tech Tip: Home Wireless Security
How secure is your home wireless?  If you haven’t thought about this question since the day you unpacked your wireless router from the box (and maybe not even then), take a moment to check your settings.  And if you can’t tell if you’ve configured your router properly, just ask your neighbors and visitors!

Tech Tip: Lab & Classroom Security
What’s the security risk in using lab and classroom computers? All the patches are installed, the antivirus software is working, and all the web browsers are up-to-date.  So what could go wrong?  If you are the faculty or staff member who walks out of a classroom without logging off the computer, then you could potentially expose your files to anyone who wanders by.  Remember: log off before you leave!

Tech Tip: Bucknell Password
What is your most secure password?  If you think of your Bucknell password, you could be right unless… you use your Bucknell password for any non-Bucknell websites!  If you use your Bucknell password for your bank, shopping site, or personal email account, then it is no longer secure.  Use different passwords for every one of your personal services and never re-use your Bucknell password for any purpose.


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