Technology and the Storm

If you haven’t already heard, we are expecting “adverse weather conditions” over the next 48 hours.  Here are a few recommendations for you as it relates to your technology.

  • Since electricity may be intermittent over the next few days, we recommend you shut down your computers and printers when you are not using them for an extended time (i.e., leaving work for the day).  Better for you to do that than an electrical surge, brown-out, or complete loss of power shutting them down.
  • Charge all your batteries now.  Don’t wait until the power goes out to discover that you forgot to charge.
  • Send text messages instead of making cellular phone calls.  Texts are less of a burden on the network.
  • Update your status to everyone via social media.  It’s an easy way to check in with a lot of people in a short time.
  • Get helpful apps from FEMA (, the American Red Cross (, or NOAA weather radio (Apple or Google apps store).
  • If the cell phone towers near you go down, put your phone into airplane mode.  Searching for towers will quickly drain your battery.
  • During an emergency, dim your screen and don’t play games.  Both waste battery power.
  • Use extreme caution charging your phone or computer if you have a generator.  Many generators will damage sensitive electronics.
  • Don’t leave any electronics in the Harris lot.  It tends to flood easily. 😉

While Sandy’s stay in the Susquehanna Valley will be disruptive, let’s all hope for the best.  Help out your neighbor, work together as a community, and we will move past this event successfully.

Be safe out there.

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