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Cyber Security Tip #7 – Keep Your Software Updated

Whether you have a Macintosh or Windows computer, it is tremendously important to keep your software up-to-date.

Why?  Often software updates not only address stability or usability issues, but very often they address security holes that have been exposed that need to be patched!

First and foremost, keep your operating system updated.  Macintosh computers make this very easy via the “Software Update” feature in the Apple menu.  Windows computers also make this easy to do by utilizing the “Windows Update” feature in the Start menu or in the Control Panel, depending on your version of Windows.

It is also important to keep your favorite web browser up-to-date.  Each product has its own way of managing their updates, but an effort needs to be made to keep them current!

Finally, any software you use on a regular basis should be updated to the latest maintenance release of the version you are using.  You don’t necessarily need to pay for a new version of the product (i.e., Office 2007 vs. Office 2010), but you do need to make sure the version you are using has the latest free patches and updates available.  Again, each product manages this process differently.  However, a vendor’s website should make it relatively easy for you to determine what version of the software you have and the latest maintenance release available to you.

Questions may be directed to Tech Support at or by calling 7-7777.

Be safe out there.  😉

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