Respondus Server Settings Are Now Pre-Configured

Bucknell has a site license for a product called Respondus that allows faculty members to create a quiz in Microsoft Word and then publish the quiz to our Moodle server. Respondus is particularly useful if you have a quiz that includes images as part of the questions, since it is very easy to insert images (or “pictures”) into a Word document using the Insert tab in Word. Please be aware that you need to follow specific guidelines when creating your quiz in Word so that Respondus can read the file. For example, your document should begin with the first question and should not have any title information.

Here is how a multiple-choice question would look in a Word document that can be imported into Respondus:

1. Where was Barack Obama born?
*A. Honolulu, Hawaii
B. Nairobi, Kenya
C. Hagatna, Guam
D. ShiKahr, Vulcan

You’ll notice that the sample multiple-choice question above begins with a number, then a period, then the question stem (after a single space). Each possible answer is on its own line, beginning with a letter and a period. (You can also use a right parentheses instead of the period.) The correct answer is indicated by an asterisk just before that answer choice, with no space between the asterisk and the letter. See Format Questions for Respondus or Studymate or Standard Format for Importing Questions into Respondus for a more detailed description of how to format typical question types in Word for importing into Respondus.

Once you have imported your Word file into Respondus, you can use the Respondus Publish Wizard to publish the quiz to Moodle. When you click on the drop-down arrow to add a new server (for our Moodle server), make sure that “Yes, check for preconfigured server settings is selected,” and click on the “Next” button:

Add New Server

Respondus will retrieve the appropriate configuration details for our Moodle server. You can then provide a name for the server and add your username and password information, allowing Respondus to connect to the server and (ultimately) to retrieve the list of courses in which you have instructor status.

Contact itec for more information about how to use Respondus to publish quizzes to Moodle.

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