Final paper is lost forever! Student fails class!

Don’t let this happen to you!

Every year at the Tech Desk, we see this scenario:

  • student is writing a paper, needs to finish in the library, emails it to themself
  • student opens the paper in Internet Explorer and starts typing away . . .
  • student happily types for 10 hours, dutifully saving away,  turning a 1 page paper into a nearly finished 10-pager . . .
  • something happens and the computer freezes . . .

And the paper is gone forever! It’s not recoverable! It was just a temporary internet file, and a restart wipes the cache clean!

It’s easy to prevent this using any  of these simple processes:

  1. Email the paper to yourself, and when you first open it, click File>Save As and save it to your private space! Now you’re working on a copy that’s stored in a network location that’s secure and backed up.
  2. Work on the paper in Google Docs – your Google Doc is accessible from everywhere and it’s constantly being saved.

Good luck on finals – 

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