Survey Tools for Faculty and Students


At Bucknell, we have three easy-to-use platforms for creating surveys:

  1. Qualtrics
  2. Moodle
  3. Google Forms

QualtricsQualtrics (discussed in a related blog entry) is the most flexible and advanced of the three options just mentioned. Here are some scenarios in which Qualtrics would be your best choice:
  • You want to create an anonymous survey and share the link with a large group of respondents.
  • You want to send your survey to a specific panel of users, and you want to be able to send reminders to users who have not yet filled out the survey.
  • You have a complicated survey with multiple sections, branching logic, or other advanced features.
  • Your research requires approval by the Bucknell Institutional Review Board (IRB), and you want to choose the most secure survey tool available to you.

MoodleMoodle has a survey activity called Questionnaire that allows you to make the survey available to a very specific audience. Moodle’s Questionnaire activity would be a good choice for these possible reasons:
  • You are a faculty member, and you want students in your course (and only students in your course) to take the survey. Questionnaire allows for both anonymous and name-identified surveys, so either type of survey is possible in Moodle.
  • You want to administer your survey to a large or specified campus group. We have the ability in Moodle to create courses in which all students, faculty, and/or staff are enrolled, and you could add your survey to such a course in order to get feedback from a specific (large) audience. We also have Moodle courses for each faculty advisor (with his/her advisees automatically added to the course) and for each campus major, and you could add a Questionnaire activity to those courses to survey such targeted audiences. If you lead an organization that has a Moodle site, you could use Questionnaire to administer a survey to all members of your organization.
Google FormsGoogle Forms is an easy-to-use survey creation tool. The specific survey/form that you create exists in your Google Drive, and responses to the form are saved in your Google Drive as a Google spreadsheet. Google Forms might be the best choice under these possible scenarios:
  • You want to be notified each time someone completes your survey. (Please note that Qualtrics has this feature as well, which it calls email triggers.)
  • You want to distribute your survey to people within the “” domain, and you want to collect usernames automatically (or not collect usernames and keep the survey anonymous).
  • You want to create your survey quickly, without having to spend too much time learning how to use the tool.

Here are ways you can explore each survey tool:

  1. Qualtrics University (also called Qualtrics Support) has extensive documentation, along with the very helpful guided tutorial, Learn Qualtrics in 5 Steps (Survey Platform Overview).
  2. Moodle QuickStart Guide: Creating a Survey Using Questionnaire
  3. Google Apps Learning Center: Getting Started with Forms

Please contact our Digital Pedagogy and Scholarship (DP&S) Group if you have questions about using surveys in your teaching or research.

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