Students: Need help citing and formatting your sources?

Students – writing your final papers of the semester and struggling with how to format and manage your citations? Bertrand Library is hosting a series of Citation Clinics – drop-in at any of the times listed below to get answers to your citation questions! All Clinics will be held in the Library Lab on Lower Level 1 – please bring your laptop and assignment(s) that you need help with.

Session Times:
Wednesday, April 16th: 1-2 PM
Monday, April 21st, 11 AM – noon
Thursday, April 24, 3-4 PM
Monday, April 28, 10-11 AM

**If you cannot make it to a Citation Clinic, please stop by the Research Consultation Area, Monday - Friday from 10 AM – 5 PM for assistance.**

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Students: Need help with your research?

Need help with your research?  Bucknell’s librarians are here to help you!

Visit our subject guides at to find appropriate research resources for every academic subject, or to make a research appointment with a subject librarian!

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The Heartbleed Vulnerability and You

“Heartbleed” is one interesting name for a security vulnerability.  It sounds like a reference to a brilliant romance built on mutual trust gone dramatically bad–ending in a messy breakup that perhaps only chocolate can address.

Truth be told, this isn’t far from what has actually happened–and it is serious.

The “relationship” I am referring to is something called OpenSSL.  It is a protocol that creates a secure connection between your computer and your bank, online stores, and just about any website that requires the transmission of personal data like passwords, credit card information, etc.

Apparently a vulnerability has been discovered that makes it possible for hackers to eavesdrop on the transmission of this personal information.  That’s obviously not good, and the vulnerability has existed since March of 2012.  So that “trusted romance” between your computer and places on the Internet you believed was secure may have had someone mingling in the middle–a virtual “love triangle,” so to speak.

Here’s what you need to know:

- None of the Bucknell systems that process or store passwords were affected.

- Somewhere around 66% of all secure websites on the Internet use OpenSSL for secure transmission of data.  That means all of them may have been vulnerable at one time or another.

- The good news is many sites have rushed to patch the Heartbleed vulnerability.  The bad news is many have not (yet).  If you are curious about who is who and exploring more resources about Heartbleed, please visit:

What you need to do:

- We strongly suggest you research websites that are important to you and your privacy using the URL above.

- If the site is still vulnerable, minimize your interaction with it until you have been notified or it has been classified as patched.  It is also not a bad idea to keep a close eye on bank statements and similar documents for unusual activity.

- After the website has been patched, we encourage you to change your password.  As always, we recommend using different passwords for each site.  That way if one of your passwords is compromised a hacker does not have access to your personal information on other websites.

So, in the end, the Heartbleed vulnerability is one situation where chocolate will not help and should therefore be taken seriously.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Tech Support at or by calling 570-577-7777.

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Tech Tip: Mac Updates

Tech Tip: Macintosh Software Update

Do you think your Mac is secure?  Are you sure that only Windows computers are vulnerable to exploits and hacking?  If you have a Macintosh, your computer is most secure when you are current on software updates!  If you can’t recall when you last installed a software update, go to the Apple menu, select Software Update, then install, reboot, repeat!

Check out the Cyber Security page:

Contact the Tech Desk (, 570-577-7777) for assistance.

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Freedom Riders exhibit now at Bertrand Library!

From April 16 to May 13, the Friends of the Bertrand Library and the Griot Institute for Africana Studies will be co-hosting a traveling exhibit about the Freedom Riders.  The exhibit is on the main level of the Bertrand Library.

For more information, see Bucknell’s article about the exhibit!


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We Do Digital Scholarship!

This Spring, the Bertrand Library launched a new public-facing space dedicated to digital collaboration, innovation, teaching, and research. This new space, named the Digital Scholarship Center (DSC), provides a comfortable and accessible space where members of the Bucknell community can collaborate on digital work, learn more about the best methods for employing technological tools in scholarly applications, and discover and experiment with emerging technologies.

Supporting Collaboration

The DSC is a space designed around collaboration. It is re-configurable, allowing it to be used for large discussions, small hands-on working groups, and a variety of working and meeting styles. Large format flat-screen video displays allow for digital work to be demonstrated, discussed, and worked on in real time. Video conferencing capabilities allow distant colleagues to collaborate on local projects. Diane Jakacki and Andy Famiglietti, the library’s Digital Scholarship Coordinators, are available to assist in developing effective methods of collaboration utilizing the space provided by the center. Since the launch of the center in February, it has been host to a variety of activities, including Faculty Learning Groups, digital project planning meetings, and technology demonstrations.

Integrating Digital Approaches

The DSC provides a space for the Digital Scholarship Coordinators, ITEC team members, and others to demonstrate promising methods for integrating digital tools and techniques into classes and research. Technological demonstrations allow members of the campus community to learn about tools they may not have been aware of and exposed to best practices for using these tools. Demonstrations of tools will be held weekly, and a schedule of these is available on the Bucknell Digital Initiatives website ( Up and coming technologies of interest include Marca, a web-based platform for writing instruction, and Spiderscribe, an online mind-mapping and brainstorming tool.

Exploring Emerging Technology

The DSC houses interesting emerging technologies, making them accessible for faculty and students who want to experiment and get a sense for what is possible in teaching and research. The Digital Scholarship Coordinators provide support for this exploration, allowing members of the Bucknell community to get involved with cutting edge technology, regardless of their skill level. One of the most popular tools housed in the center is the library’s Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer, which allows faculty and staff to quickly and easily start learning about the possibilities opened up by 3D printing.


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Check out our computer training offerings!

Are you ready to learn? Visit the Online Learning Center – – to view the currently scheduled training sessions, including the following:

*Bmail: Managing Your Inbox – If your inbox is overflowing and you still can’t find the important messages, then sign up for this session. We’ll examine some tools and strategies to help you gain control and get organized.

* Introduction to Bmail Documents & Drive – Wondering how (or why!) to use Google Drive? Come to this class to learn how Drive can can transform the way you access, share, and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

* Introduction to Mail Merge – If you need to to a mail merge and aren’t sure where to start or if you haven’t done one in a long time and need a refresher, this is the session for you.

* Computer Fundamentals – Bmail, myBucknell, and the Online Learning Center are essential systems everyone should know. If you need an introduction or refresher, then this class is perfect for you. Note: Please contact if you’d like to assign this class to someone who may need assistance registering.

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