Digital Scholarship at Bucknell University: It’s About Student Engagement

Check out this article by our own Param Bedi, Vice President for Library & Information Technology, Matt Gardzina, Director for Instructional Technology, and Emily Sherwood, CLIR Postdoc for Digital Scholarship:

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Students: Don’t Worry, We’re Not Terminating Your Accounts!

Dear Students,

All of you received an email this morning with the subject “[L&IT] Computer account information” informing you that your Bucknell account access would be terminated as of April 15, 2015

We could play it off as an early April Fool’s Day joke.  We could even go so far as to fabricate an ugly post-Valentine’s Day breakup, where we’re taking what account access we came into the relationship with and leaving you with only Bmail.

The truth is there was a rare occurrence we refer to as a “technical glitch,” erroneously sending that message out to all of you.  It was a mistake.  We aren’t joking.  We want to continue our relationship, complete with all of your Bucknell account access privileges–until graduation do us part.

We apologize for the confusion.  Please enjoy this wonderful winter day!

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It’s Tax Season: Be on the Alert for Cyber Scams!

Every tax season brings a host of fraudulent activities from scammers utilizing a variety of tactics. This year seems to be even worse than past years, with rampant reports of phishing, phone scams and fraudulent filings.

Phishing: Scam artists pose as legitimate entities—such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), other government agencies, and financial institutions—in an attempt to defraud taxpayers. They use phishing emails to lure users to open malicious email attachments or visit malicious sites to gain access to passwords and sensitive information.

Phone Fraud: The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration has received reports of roughly 290,000 contacts and has become aware of nearly 3,000 victims who have collectively paid over $14 million as a result of a phone scam, in which scammers make unsolicited calls to taxpayers fraudulently claiming to be IRS officials and demanding that they send them cash via prepaid debit cards.

Fraudulent filings: There is a reported increase in attempts by scammers who attempt to use victims’ personal information to file fraudulent tax returns, then claim resulting refunds. Taxpayer victims generally have no idea that anything is wrong until they attempt to submit their own returns. In many cases, it is extremely difficult to determine how the perpetrators were able to get the victims’ filing information.

For more information, see:

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New exhibit: Elise Nicol’s “You’re Always Brilliant in the Morning”

You’re Always Brilliant in the Morning

Collages, photomontages, and other works on paper by


Blanchard S. Gummo Gallery
The Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library, 2nd Floor
Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA

February 2-April 28, 2015
Reception: Saturday, March 21, 2015, 2-4pm

Do images piled atop one another deny or define what’s underneath? Do collaged layers invite you to look at them as a whole? Or do you look through and around a pieced-together image instead of just at it? What happens when two images bump up against one another? Or words bump up against an image? Is it unexpected? Unsettling? Strange? Revealing? Funny?

This exhibition plays with these questions, bringing together 35 works from four series created since 2012:

  • photographs made for a collaborative book project with the artist’s brother,
    the poet Alfred Nicol
  • abstract, postcard-size, one-a-day pigment prints
  • larger, more experimental pigment prints
  • and new drawings, collages, and photomontages

Elise Nicol is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art. She has exhibited at The Print Center (Philadelphia), Buddy Holly Fine Art Center (Lubbock, TX), Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY), Center for Maine Contemporary Art (Rockport), Springfield Art Museum (Springfield, MO), Janet Turner Print Museum at California State University (Chico), and Soho Photo (New York, NY), among other venues. Her work is in the collections of The Library of Congress, Boise Art Museum, Mesa Arts Center, Photomedia Center, Graphic Chemical and Ink Company, and more. Most recently, she is the recipient of an Anderson Ranch Arts Center Scholarship and a Vermont Studio Center Artist Residency.

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Watch out for new phishing e-mail – “Webmail account Certificate”!

Dear Campus Community:

We have received a number of inquiries regarding the message below (the link has been changed to protect those who might be curious and click on it).


Your Webmail account Certificate expired on the 17-1-2015, This may
interrupt your email delivery configuration, and account POP settings, page error when sending message.
To re-new your webmail Certificate, Please take a second to update your
records by link below or copy and paste link’ Do remember that your
account will work as normal after the verification process,
and your webmail Certificate will be re-newed.
Bucknell Univeristy Mail Service Team

This message is a phishing scam.  They are becoming very common because many people fall for them and disclose their credentials, essentially giving a stranger the key to his or her online identity.

With a little detective work, you can smell a “phish” a mile away.  Here are some tips using the above example.

1.  In general, it is very odd for any institution, business, etc. to send an email asking you to “click on a link” to confirm your username and password.  That has “sketchy” written all over it.

2.  Even though this message came from a Bucknell account, it was not from someone in Library and IT.  (It actually came from a Bucknell account that was compromised).  We will ALWAYS send emails signed by a Library and IT staff person.

3.  Look for terms and grammar that appear to be a bit “off.”  For example, we use terms like “Bmail,” not “Webmail.”  Who is the Bucknell Univeristy Mail Service Team, and why is “University” spelled wrong?  There are all kinds of mixed case words used (“Webmail account Certificate”) and awkward sentences (“Please take a second to update your records by link below or copy and paste link’ Do remember that your EMAIL PIN mean your EMAIL PASSWORD.”).

4.  Do you even understand what the email is talking about?  What does interrupting your email delivery configuration mean?  What is a Webmail account Certificate, and what does it do?  Why have you never received a notice like this before, and why does the first notice require immediate action?

5.  Why would Bucknell University send you to a website with a URL like this?——————-

That doesn’t seem like a legitimate, Bucknell website–especially not one where I should disclose my username and password.

Finally, since many of us receive a large volume of email, we tend to “skim” messages for highlights.  “Phishermen” count on our carelessness.  You can easily overlook suspicious messages when skimming.

This won’t be the last phishing email you receive, but hopefully this one serves as a good learning opportunity when trying to discern a message’s credibility in the future.  Of course, as many of you have done already, if you have any doubt about the legitimacy of an email message please feel free to contact Tech Support at or by calling 570.577.7777.

Thank you!

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Spring Special Collections/University Archives Exhibits: Bucknell and World War I

Stop by Special Collections/University Archives (Bertrand Library, Lower Level I) to see our latest Bucknell history exhibit: Bucknell and World War I 

You’ll see a display of materials from university archives collections representing Bucknell University’s response to World War I and student participation in war efforts.

The exhibit is available for viewing during the Bertrand Library’s open hours, and runs January 19 – May 1.

Questions?  Contact SC/UA at or 570.577.3101

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Faculty and Staff: ITEC hosting WordPress Digital CV Workshop Series!

Bucknell Faculty and Staff,

ITEC will be hosting a series of workshops on using WordPress to build a Digital CV!  Attendance is limited to ten participants, so sign up now if you are interested.

More information and registration form here:

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