New issue of The Next Page!

Presenting the latest issue of “The Next Page”, which contains interesting news and useful tips from Library and IT. This issue focuses on collaborating with students and supporting their academic endeavors.

Table of Contents:

-“Anyone Can Be An Activist”: Summer Student Research Grants
-From the Vice President for Library and Information Technology
-Tech Tips: Where You Go When You Don’t Know
-Library and IT: An Integral Part of Student Services
-Celebrating Bucknell’s Student Scholars
-New Library and IT Staff
-Students Spur Ebook Innovation

The Next Page may be accessed in PDF format at, and in print format on the main level of Bertrand Library. We hope you enjoy our latest issue! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the individual authors of the articles directly.

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Need help with your research?

Need help with your research or a course project?  Bucknell’s librarians are here to help you!

Visit our subject guides at to find appropriate research resources for every academic subject, or to make a research appointment with a subject librarian!

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Cyber Security Tip: LastPass

How many passwords can you remember? 10? 30? 100? If you can’t remember all your passwords, let LastPass remember them for you! Learn more about LastPass in Ask Library & IT-

Contact the Tech Desk (, 570-577-7777) for assistance.

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Cyber Security Month: Protect Your Passwords!

Learn about password security from Bucknell’s Chief Information Security Officer, Eric Smith!

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Be Safe Online!

October is Cyber Security Month!

Check out Bucknell’s Safe Computing page for tips on how you can have a more secure online experience, and protect your privacy and data at the same time.

For more information about Cyber Security Month, check out the National Cyber Security Alliance’s page.

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Keeping Track of Attendance – The Moodle Attendance Activity

Woody Allen might receive a passing grade for his oft-quoted comment that “80 percent of life is showing up.” However, we want our students to show up in our courses more than 80 percent of the time, and we therefore need to keep track of when students do and do not show up. Fortunately, Moodle has an Attendance activity that makes it easy for faculty members to record attendance for each class session. We recommend that faculty use the Moodle Attendance activity to record attendance because it has the following advantages over other possible solutions (for example, a paper register or an Excel spreadsheet):

  1. The Moodle Attendance activity automatically lists all the students enrolled in a course. Faculty members don’t need to create a separate list of students.
  2. The Attendance activity allows a faculty member to set up multiple class sessions at the same time, for which s/he will later record attendance.
  3. While taking attendance via the Attendance activity, the faculty member can mark all students as “Present” with a single click of the mouse. S/he can then change the entry to “Absent” for any students who were absent on that particular day.
  4. The Attendance activity is integrated with the Moodle Gradebook. Moodle assigns points to students indicated as being present, and it keeps track of those scores over time. Moodle then lists in the Gradebook the score each student is receiving for attendance.
  5. The Attendance activity provides reports of student attendance month by month, and students can also see (with a single mouse click) which classes they attended (or which classes they missed) for the month.

Faculty members can find step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use the Moodle Attendance activity here.

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Need to use a laptop?

Check one out at the Equipment Desk with your BUID!

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