January 20th, 2017

New Gmail Phishing Threat!

A new Gmail phishing technique has been gaining popularity over the last several weeks. This phishing attempt is extremely well crafted causing many to fall prey to its tactics and divulge their Gmail password. This particular phishing attempt may likely come from someone you know and even include an attachment that may seem appropriate as the senders e-mail account has likely been compromised as well. When the attachment is clicked on, you are taken to what appears to be a Google login page, and even a quick glance at the URL located at the top of your browser shows a […]

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January 17th, 2017

The 2017 Bucknell University Press Student Book Collecting Prize

At a time when social media is virtually universal and electronic texts proliferate, it is easy to forget how central print books have been in the development of individual lives and in the history of human consciousness. Print books remain a powerful medium of learning and intellectual pleasure, and they can also be objects of beauty and personal significance. This prize offers students the opportunity to reflect on and to celebrate their own book collections as they connect with their lives, their learning, and their personal interests and relationships. Behind these considerations lie the larger recognition of the importance of […]

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December 12th, 2016

From University Archives: Katherine Brown Larison

Many buildings around campus commemorate administrators, educators, and beneficiaries from Bucknell University’s history. Some names may be familiar to you—Soika, Langone, Bucknell—but others may seem more obscure: Tustin, Taylor, and Larison. Larison Hall, one of the oldest buildings on campus, was built in 1857 to house women attending the University Female Institute. The building was initially called the Female Institute Building and in June 1927 was named Larison Hall to honor the legacy of Katherine Brown Larison, principal of the Female Institute from 1882 – 1897 and an 1857 graduate of the Institute. Prior to constructing Larison Hall on campus […]

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December 5th, 2016

From Special Collections: Telling the Story of the Centralia Mine Fire

Writing a book is a process that requires research as well as imagination. Special Collections/University Archives holds the David DeKok Collection which is comprised of the research, notes, taped interviews, and correspondence that represent DeKok’s published work, Unseen Danger: a Tragedy of People, Government, and the Centralia Mine Fire (1986) that tells the story of the research and publication of DeKok’s book about the town of Centralia, Pennsylvania. (David DeKok, a journalist who wrote an additional book about Centralia mine fire, Fire Underground: the Ongoing Tragedy of the Centralia Mine Fire (2000)). This manuscript collection is a rich resource about […]

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December 2nd, 2016

G Suites offers totally revamped Sites

You might have looked at Google Sites at some point and thought: Looks nice, but it doesn’t really work for me. Or maybe you have a Google Site, but you’d like to freshen it up. You’re in luck – Google has done a complete update of Google Sites. Now you can have a more intuitive interface, attractive designs, six new themes, and the ability to track performance with Google Analytics. Check out the update info here Note that there’s a Learning Center link for the new Sites to walk you through the layout. Questions? Stop by the Tech Desk!

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November 17th, 2016

From Special Collections: The Press of Appletree Alley

In an era of where we equate printing books with the mechanized and commercial nature of big publishers, it’s hard to remember that for most of the history of the printed word, publishing houses were decentralized, publishing and distributing locally in small quantities. That idea seems quaint—and it is—but there is much to be gained from the ethos of such an establishment and how much freedom is found by seeking quality and personal fulfillment over money. The Press of Appletree Alley was a small printing establishment that resided in Lewisburg up until a decade ago. It’s philosophy centered around two […]

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November 15th, 2016

G Suites offers huge improvement in Gmail and Calendar iOS apps!

G Suites has just released updates to its apps for Gmail and Calendar, and they are terrific! One of our students really likes how he can get email immediately now with the app, as opposed to a delay of up to 30 minutes using the built-in Mail app. Some other Gmail improvements include: Undo Send, just like you do on the desktop, to prevent embarrassing email mistakes Search faster with instant results and spelling suggestions (like when you type “flighht,” but you really meant “flight”) Swipe to archive or delete, to quickly clear items out of your inbox Calendar also […]

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November 7th, 2016

Use LastPass for free!

Many people use LastPass at work or at home, but now the company gives everyone the ability to sync passwords between an unlimited number of devices – for free! Read more about it here from The Verge or see our Ask article  

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October 31st, 2016

National Cyber Security Awareness Month Wrap-up

As we wrap up our 2016 Cyber Security Awareness Month here at Bucknell, I first want to take the opportunity to thank the many faculty and staff who have participated in our various events or engaged in discussions on the importance of information security to both Bucknell and you personally. When we kicked off our National Cyber Security Month, we issued a Cyber Security Awareness challenge to all faculty and staff. In the last month, over 50% of faculty/staff have completed the training. If you haven’t completed the security awareness challenge, or just want more information on information security, there […]

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October 31st, 2016

Moodle Tools for Faculty Advisors

As part of our synchronization between Moodle and Banner, we create a “Faculty Advisor” Moodle course for every faculty member with advisees, and we automatically add advisees to that course when students are assigned to a particular advisor. Faculty members can find a link to their particular Faculty Advisor course by logging in to Moodle and clicking on the “Advising” section within the Current Course List to expand that section: There are several ways that faculty members can use that “Faculty Advisor” course: You can use the Quickmail block to send an email message to all of your advisees. If […]

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